My husband has a nickname for me.  It is “Many Words”. He says that I can tell 5 rambling stories in one breath all at the same time.  No one tell him, but he is right.  

I have always found power in words, whether it be in a song, poem, scripture, or pinterest quotes.  When my first husband and I split after 17 years of marriage, I found the healing in words.  

I read the quote on Pinterest “She turned her can’ts into cans and her dreams into plans”.  I wanted to write it down and save it. I wanted this to be me. There had been dreams that I never tried to make a reality because I had been told that I can’t.

I went to the store and bought a small, black, 3“x5” spiral notebook.  I wanted it to be small enough to carry in my purse.  

Words were speaking to me from everywhere… quotes, church, radio…..It felt like the world knew what I needed.  

Page after page became filled with words that spoke to me.  I try to give credit if I know who said the words, but sometimes I don’t know who, but I never take credit that they are my own.  

The trick to the healing is not just writing the words down, but to really read them, pray over them, and sit in silence with them.  The words are there to motivate, but you have to give them the power. You have to put the work in for the words to have power. Don’t just write them down, flip the page, and forget them.  

I still write in the little black book.  I also like to look back at what I have previously written down, because I can usually tell what I was going through and it’s nice to see that I  have gotten through whatever I was going through at the time. 

Now for the goosebump moment.  No one knew about my little black book, yet 3 years after I had written that first quote, I was packing my house to move to a new town.  My girlfriend stopped by to say goodbye and she had a gift for me.  

Have you ever known a person that knows exactly what to say or do at just the right moment?  They don’t ask what you need, they just somehow know what you need and they do it. She is that person and I wish I were more like that.  She had a necklace for me. It was engraved with the words “she turned her can’ts into cans and her dreams into plans”. The same exact words I had written 3 years earlier in my little black book.  

So, here I sit typing the words to turn my dreams into plans.