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I don’t know about you, but I have favorite things that come and go.  If you already read my blog White Shoe Obsession, you will know I am obsessed with my white Adidas shoes right now.  Two years ago, I would have said “absolutely not” to a pair of white leather tennis shoes, but here I am loving my white tennis shoes.  

I wanted to share with you my current favorite things.  Some have been on my favorites list for a while.

  1.  Poopourri 

Yes, you read that right.  POOPourri, not Potpourri. If you have a household of men/young men like I do, you will thank me.  A girlfriend introduced Poopourri to me several years ago. They used it for their customer bathroom.  Y’all, this stuff works. It is in every bedroom in the house and I take it with me when we travel to have in the hotel.  This will probably start out as you giving it as a gag gift and end up being one of your favorites too.  There are commercials are hilarious. You can check them out on YouTube. 


2.  Adidas Women’s Grand Court White Sneaker

I know, I know, you would really like for me to stop talking about this shoe.  I told you that I am obsessed. In a nutshell, it goes with many outfits, is comfortable, and affordable.  

3. Bose 35 II

My husband had a pair and honestly I thought it was a little silly to have headphones that cost that much.  I was fine with my $5.00 earphones that fit in your ears that I bought at Dollar General. They were cheap enough that I would not be upset if they broke or I lost them and I could toss them in my purse.  I thought they were fine until we flew back from Mexico. I was seated over the wing. It was obnoxiously loud and my husband loaned me his Bose headphones. Remember I already mentioned that I may be a bit stubborn and I tried to stick with story that my Dollar General headphones were still good enough.  I think it was written all over my face that I was lying. These Bose headphones are SWEET! Of course my husband bought me my own, so that he would not have to give his up anymore. We bought our son that is in college a pair and he loves them when he is in the dorm reading or studying and trying to block out his roommate.  We have the Bose 25 and they are not wireless, so we had to buy an adapter to make them wireless, but now the Bose 35 are wireless.  

    4.  C.C. Beanie

I had been seeing people everywhere where this beanie.  I really call them stocking caps, but I am trying to be cool and not embarrass my kids.  I asked a friend at work about them and next thing I know she had bought me one. This is my go to hat in the winter when I just don’t feel like fixing my hair.  They are super cute and warm. I also love them because C.C. is my initials. They are unisex and come in several different styles. Don’t anyone tell my husband, but I just ordered this one. Love the lighter color with speckles of color (they call it confetti).  You can buy them for well under $20.00, so they are a great gift to yourself or a nice stocking stuffer.  The black one I am wearing is under $20.00 and you can still have in time for Christmas.

    5.  Bye Bye Foundation Full Coverage Moisturizer with SPF 50+

If you have not hit the age of 40 yet, hold on.  Things happen. Things you thought only happen to old people.  Things grow, droop, sag, and dry out. I had NEVER had dry skin in my life, but after 40 something happened and I was exfoliating and moisturizing like a mad woman.  I found this “not foundation” foundation 2 years ago and it works for me. Full coverage without being heavy, has SPF built in, so I don’t have to worry about applying an SPF also, and the color blends perfectly and stays all day.  It seems to last forever because you don’t need to use much. I use Medium Tan in the summer and Neutral Medium in the winter. I only have to buy 1 of each color ever year and sometimes less than that. I have normal to dry (normal in summer and dry in winter) and this works great for me.  I don’t use a powder at all. Powder will settle into lines and wrinkles, causing you to look older……or so I was told from a friend who has lines and wrinkles…of course not me. Also, the dewier your skin looks, the younger you look. I don’t need to set it. It stays all day.  

    6.  S’well Tumblers

My husband and I like to have a glass of water by the bed.  I was looking for a new water bottle and came across S’well.  I found these tumblers that were super stylish and would not sweat, so I did not have to worry about having to use a coaster.  There are many different colors and finished, but the one I have is the Moonstone tumbler. It is a classy white with a rough coating, which I like because it provides a nice grip for when I am tired and reach over the the cup.  

    7.  Pura Vida Ring

For the past year I had seen Pura Vida jewelry pop up on my facebook and honestly I thought it was one of those “too good to be true” sites.  I found some jewelry that I liked at super cheap prices. I was always too scared to order something. My husband likes to buy me a small souvenir when we go on vacation together.  So, when we were in Hilton Head Island, SC, I saw a Pura Vida wave ring that I had admired on their site. It was $15.00. It is great. It is super simple and the quality has been great so far.  It has not tarnished or bent and I wear it most days and wash my hands with it on. For me, the wave was perfect because to me it represents the ups and downs we have in life. I am getting ready to order the Oval Open Ring.  Plus, they have a really neat story that you can read about on their website. This jewelry is very casual and great especially with your summer attire. They make great gifts.  

    8.  The Giving Key

The Giving Key is best describe from their website.  “Each one of our products is stamped with an inspirational word like DREAM, CREATE or INSPIRE. You’re encouraged to embrace your word, then pay it forward by giving your product to a person who needs the message.  Every product you purchase supports job creation for individuals transitioning out of homelessness”

Mine says “Create”.  I bought it and wore it while working on this website.  It was just my little reminder to not give up. It comes with a nice little bag and description, so that when you no longer need it, you can pass it on to someone who does.  I am sad to say that I have found many knock off versions and the money not going to any cause. What a wonderful gift to a friend or yourself when that extra little encouragement is needed.  

   9.  Urban Decay Eyeshadow

I have always liked playing with makeup.  I think it may have come from a couple of things.  First, I was a tomboy, and I think I was trying to find a way to feel more feminine.  Second, I was insecure (still struggle with it) and maybe I was using it as a mask. Never the less, I still like playing with makeup, so I have tried most brands.  Right now I am very pleased with the Urban Decay Eyeshadow. The color Fireball is perfect for me. It is a pinky peach color that is not only great for green eyes, it works for me in the winter and summer whether I am wearing warm or cool tones. 

 10.  Charcoal Air Purifying Bags

Again I will talk about the odor that comes from living with all boys.  Their rooms, cars, gym bags, shoes, and anything else they come in contact with.  So, you can bet that I told Santa to bring several of these to put in their stockings.  It is nice because it does not put out an odor. Fresh as a Daisy scent mixed with football cleats scent, just does not make a good smell.  You can put these in cars, gym bags, shoes, closets, small rooms, attics….anywhere that you can think that stinks or gets a musty or stagnant smell.   

 11.  Everybody, Always: Becoming Love in a World Full of Setbacks and Difficult People

I read this book about 2 years ago because friends on Facebook kept recommending it.  I read the first chapter and bawled, because it was about someone passing away from cancer and it was just too close to home.  I immediately messaged a friend who had recommended the book and had also lost a loved one to cancer and I asked her if the whole book was like this and she assured me it was not.  I kept reading and I am sure glad that I did. It is a very hard book to describe. It is an easy read, with multiple stories, so it never gets boring. He teaches about loving the people we find hard to love, finding the positive in failing, and living without fear.  While it is a Christian based book and I am a Christian, this is one of my favorite reviews on Amazon I’m not Christian, or religious at all, so as you can imagine, I don’t read a lot of books about Jesus. (Like almost only Love Does.) There’s a lot of Jesus in this book. And a lot of religious teachings. Yet even for someone like me, the messages are beautiful and resonant and I agree with all of them. I just don’t use the same words or imagery. And I didn’t feel wrong for being different. Whoever you are, you can feel the love coming through in this book. For you and for everybody, always.  As the author would say “We’ll become in our lives, what we do with our love”.  Even better that this book is under $12.00 right now.

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