I hope I am not alone when I say that I have questioned several times “What is my purpose in life?”  I would wonder about it and even cried at times when I had no answer, like it was the answer that I had to find before I die.  

I was never a little girl that dreamed about what her wedding was going to look like, and I never dreamed of being a stay at home mom.  In fact, for years after I had started staying home to be a mom, when someone asked me what I did, I would answer “I used to be a Loan Processor at a bank.”  I was embarrassed by not working. I thought there was some disgrace in that, even though I loved being a Mom and getting the opportunity to be home with him everyday.  I was good at it too and started believing that this was my purpose in life– to be this little boy’s mom.  

I had been a stay-at-home Mom for 13 years when I had to go back to work when my then-husband and I separated.  For someone who was going through the hardest time in her life, going to work at a children’s mental health facility is probably not the best idea.  Yet, I was the person that did that while going through a divorce, being a single parent, struggling financially, and honestly just trying to breathe.  It was a job and I needed to work, so it didn’t really matter what the job was. Now, I did pass up on applying for the job posting at the local college for a nude model for their art class; I did have boundaries and students of that art class can thank me now.  It was at the children’s mental health facility that someone called me contagious for the first time. 

Sharing my story by writing a blog or book about my life kept popping up in my head and was on my heart.  I wanted to use my story to encourage others. I didn’t want anyone else to feel alone like I had. I don’t do well with someone who has not been through the same struggle telling me how to get through a struggle.  I want to feel like I am not in the trenches alone.  

Even though I loved to write, I didn’t feel I was good enough to put it out there for others to read.  I was content at this time being in a Customer Service type job, because I am a caretaker at heart and serving others brings me happiness and I am good at it.  Yep, this has to be my purpose– to serve others.  

When we are thinking about our life purpose, I think most of us always think about the Oprahs of the world.  Those in the spotlight, those with money to build orphanages, those who are influential enough to have others donate millions of dollars… the type of people that most of us will never be.  

Contagious, infectious… Those words just kept popping up and I couldn’t get them out of my head. 

What if my life purpose was just being kind to everyone I meet?  What if the people I come in contact with feel like they made a new friend?  What if I made someone’s day better because of a kind word or gesture I gave them? What if I made someone feel like they are strong enough because I was strong enough?  

Is that it?  Is my life’s purpose to encourage others by sharing my own story and let others know that you are not alone? Is it that simple?  I have no clue. Maybe we don’t just have one purpose. Maybe it evolves as we do. Maybe my life’s purpose was being a Mom and maybe my life’s purpose was serving others. And just maybe this is just what I am supposed to be doing at this moment.  

If you haven’t already discovered your purpose in life, it could be that you are already doing it and just are overlooking it.  If you have not found your purpose, you won’t find it sitting on the couch watching tv, so make sure you are out there and figure out what feels important to you and what you are going to do to change the world.  

That’s right, I said you are going to change the world.  We all have the ability to change the world and it doesn’t always take money or time.  It can just be a simple smile, a kind greeting, a helping hand, or simple gesture. 

You are trying to make the right decision, but who should you confide in? Who can you trust? Who needs to know?


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