The kids don’t need me anymore. They’ve grown. Things that I have loved to do for the last 26 years are gone.

  • Class Parties
  • Driving kids, mine and ones that weren’t mine, to every activity possible
  • Packing lunches with notes inside 
  • Coordinating all of the family’s schedules
  • Homework 
  • Snuggles
  • Band concerts
  • Singing silly songs together on road trips
  • Making Halloween costumes
  • Choir concerts
  • Wide-eyed looks on Christmas morning
  • Soccer games
  • Shoes at the bottom of the stairs
  • Golf tournaments
  • Football games
  • Building Valentine boxes
  • Drama performances
  • Reading together
  • Legos
  • Sesame Street watching together
  • End of school awards
  • Stinky feet (ok, I have to stop.  I must be going to delirious because that smell is forever with me and it is not a smell I want to remember)

What Do I Do Now That The Kids Don’t Need Me?

There are 4 boys total. The  2 with my blood running through their veins, age 20 and 26, and the 2 bonus boys are ages 17 and 19, I have smelled every smell (most smells were of farts, a boys locker room, and stinky feet) and I have cleaned more dirt and grime than I care to admit.

They don’t need me anymore.  They can fix their own food, drive themselves, read to themselves, and they don’t think Elmo is real anymore.  I know!  Grab the tissues and let that soak in and I will uncurl myself from the fetal position.  

This is a new season. At first, I saw the leaves dropping off the trees and things became cold and dead.  I didn’t know what to do with myself.  For 26 years I had made them my life and it is truly what I loved to do most.  

Then, I realized that there was a new season right around the corner.  

A New Season Begins After The Kids Have Grown.

As moms of young children, there were days we longed for “me time”.  Raise your hand if you ever hid in the closet just to get a little “me time”.  Well, you don’t have to hide in the closet now.  Clean the house naked with 80’s music blasting,  if you want (you might want to close the blinds)this is your season.

I am going to enjoy my season taking care of myself, pampering myself, spending time with my husband, traveling…going to the bathroom without hearing knocks on the door followed by a little voice saying “Mom, Momma, Mom, are you in there?”.  

I will enjoy this until the day that God blesses me with grandchildren and I can spoil them,  fuel them with sugar and then send them home.  

Kitchen and Dining Room Setting Waiting for the Blessing of Grandchildren After Children are Grown and No Longer Need Mom

The Kids Don’t Need Me Like They Once Did

But, they still need you to be there for them, to love them, to care for them. It just looks different now.

Hold the presses.  The oldest just called and asked me if I wanted to go to lunch with him.  Maybe this is the season that they don’t NEED me, but they WANT me.  

I think I like this season.  

How Do You Define Yourself?

Most of us women define ourselves with nouns and pronouns… wife, mom, teacher, artist, etc. If those “things” are stripped from you or seasons change, you may feel like you’ve lost your identity. My Discover Your True Self Online Course is COMING SOON so that you can discover who you are to the core. Never again give power to “things” or lose who you are at the core. 

Woman Who is Drinking Coffee who is the mother of Grown Children That No Longer Need Her Wondering Now What.

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