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Y’all, these are my favorite pair of tennis shoes that are cute and go with so many things.  I am not fashion forward in any sense of the word, so I have to look at mannequins and pin my favorite looks on Pinterest. You still have time to get these shoes before Christmas from Amazon.

White shoes kept popping up everywhere this fall.  They were all over Pinterest, magazines, and the Today Show did an episode on how you can wear white shoes with anything. 


I ordered them over the summer to wear on our trip to New Orleans and then of course I wore my Chacos every single day.  

I was then considering if I should send them back because I had not worn them and not sure I would.  Then the cooler weather hit and let me tell you, I have worn them so much that people may think they are the only pair of shoes I own.  

My favorite casual outfit that I like to wear them with is light denim jacket from Gap(now only $29.99 at Gap factory), black knit joggers from Gap, and white tshirt from Gap.  I am in the joggers and tshirt doing work around the house and then I have to run an errand and I throw on my denim jacket and go.  

I wear them with leggings and sweats, jeans and sweaters/sweatshirts, and black skinny pants with almost any top.  

Did I say I love these shoes?  Seriously obsessed with them.  

I wear anywhere from a 6 ½ to a size 7.  Safe size is 7 unless they run big or are wide.  I bought these in a 7 and they are perfect. They have a soft cloud insert.  They are not as light as my work out shoes, but still very comfortable.  

I should add that I love this black beanie. I had talked to a friend at work about where I could get one because I kept seeing people wear them and thought it was super cute and she surprised me with one. I am a ball cap girl in the summer and now a beanie girl in the winter. Girls, y’all understand. When those “I just don’t want to wash or fix my hair” days hit ya, you throw on a hat. There are so many colors to pick from.

You can buy these now at Amazon.

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