When you fail to respect your partner, you send the message that you don’t value them. Respect is not just the absence of negative behavior but the presence of positive behaviors. In this article, I’ll share to show respect to your partner.  

Respect is Crucial For A Healthy Marriage

After reading my blog article, The 1 Non-Negotiable Must-Have for a Healthy Relationship, you now know why respect is crucial for a healthy marriage, but what are some ways to show respect to your partner? I’ve made a list!

  1. Do not talk down to your partner
  2. Say “thank you” and “please.”
  3. Ask your partner how you can support them in achieving their goals
  4. Watch your tone, volume, and body language when communicating with your partner
  5. Know what your partner’s boundaries are, and do not cross them
  6. Celebrate their successes
  7. Support your partner’s dreams
  8. Find the good and don’t focus on the minor flaws
  9. Speak kindly to and about your partner
  10. Make decisions together based on what is right, not just what you want
  11. Acknowledge and apologize when you make a mistake
  12. Help lighten their load before they ask, when they are overwhelmed
  13. When using humor, be careful and only be playful to tease and not to wound with sharp jabs
  14. Never violate confidentiality and keep intimate details within the marriage
  15. Acknowledge how your partner contributes to you and your family

You Can Only Control Your Actions

I hear you saying, “but my partner doesn’t do this for me.” While you can not control what your partner does or doesn’t do, you will be surprised at the change you see once you start showing your partner respect. Mutual respect will not happen overnight and will take being consistent.   

If your partner does not respect you, you must be open with your feelings. If your partner does not listen to you, belittles how you feel, or makes no changes, it may be time to consider if this is the right person for you and figure out if your marriage can be saved.  

Mutual Respect Is A Good Foundation

The loss of mutual respect can quickly destroy a marriage or lead to a long unhealthy, and unhappy life.  By showing your partner respect consistently, and that you value them, you may be surprised to find a positive response from your spouse. Without respect, it is difficult to work through any hard conversations or differences.

I’ve created a free quiz to help you evaluate your marriage. You may find your marriage is unhealthy and in trouble. Or perhaps your marriage just needs a tune. Healthy marriages are consistently re-evaluating and making adjustments!

15 Ways To Respect Your Partner

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