Healthy marriages take work. They take intentional interaction between you and your spouse to ensure your marriage is strong and healthy. Can I share with you 25 ideas that will help you show your spouse love and respect? Let’s do it!

Feeling Loved And Respected

“It’s not what my partner is doing; it is what they are NOT doing.”  If you haven’t said it, you have probably heard it said. It is all about respect. Respect is not just the absence of negative behavior but the presence of positive behaviors.

If you do not feel loved and respected by your partner, it is time to open up to them and tell them how you feel. There is a chance that they have not felt respected by you also. Mutual respect will not happen immediately. If it is a new relationship, respect will be earned and built up. Established relationships that lack respect or have had damage to the relationship causing respect issues will take hard and consistent work daily.  

The 25 things you can say or ask to show your spouse love and respect is just a jumpstart. Get creative, and most importantly, be sincere. Just be conscious of your words, tone, and actions, and soon the respect will happen effortlessly.  

Ideas To Show Your Spouse Respect

  1. Say, “I am proud to be your wife.”
  2. Put down your phone and electronics and look your partner in the eyes when they are speaking to you.
  3. Ask, “How can I help you?”
  4. Touch your partner. Not sexually. Just a rub of the shoulders when you walk by them or a long embrace.
  5. Buy a small gift out of the blue to show them you listen to what they like, favorite candy, flowers, takeout, so they don’t have to cook.
  6. Send your partner a flirty text.
  7. Do a household chore that you know they don’t enjoy doing.
  8. Speak kindly about your partner to someone elsewhere your partner can hear it
  9. Focus on praising your partner for what they do right, rather than be annoyed by the small things they do wrong
  10. Let them know that your kids are lucky to have them as a parent.
  11. Thank them for how hard they work
  12. Write a note or letter and leave it in their vehicle, briefcase, or mail it to their office.
  13. Remember when your relationship was new, and you could look at them, and it filled your heart and made you smile? Do it again.
  14. Write a good morning message on the bathroom mirror.
  15. Pray with your partner.
  16. Make your partner’s favorite meal, drink, or dessert.
  17. Pray with your partner.
  18. Say, “Have a good day.”
  19. Ask, “How was your day” and then listen with no distractions.
  20. Rub your partner’s feet or shoulders
  21. Acknowledge and apologize when you make a mistake.
  22. Tell the goodnight and seal it with a kiss.
  23. When they tell you their frustrations, say, “I hear what you are saying” rather than “I know how you feel” because you don’t, and they don’t want you to. They want you to hear them. 
  24. Take time out for each other regularly.
  25. Do something kind for your partner’s family. Doing something to show your partner you care about the people he cares about shows you respect him.

Love And Respect Is a Two Way Street

Being respectful to your partner is not about getting anything in return. Of course, you don’t want to be and should not be disrespected, but you can not control your partner’s behavior. But when you fail to respect your partner, you prevent yourself from getting honest respect in return. Mutual love and respect is a two-way street, but it starts with one step, one action, one kind word. Today, how will you show your spouse love and respect?

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25 ways to show your spouse love and respect

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