Personally, I have never met a woman who has said she did not feel any fear when going through a divorce.  It’s part of facing unknowns but let’s talk about how to face divorce without fear so that you can begin healing and find happiness.

Why So Much Fear?

Of course, you could say, you are worried about finances, worried about the effects it will have on your child, scared of how you will do it alone, worried about what God will think of you breaking your vow, scared that you will never find love again…you will even think of crazy things like “who will I put down as my in case of emergency, who will I take to my class reunion…crap, reunions…what will my family and friends think”?!?!?!

It all breaks down to your fear of the unknown.  Simply not knowing what lies ahead.  

It all breaks down to your fear of the unknown. Simply not knowing what lies ahead.

That is why it is so important to inform yourself.  It may be easy to wander into a bad marriage, but you can’t wander out of a bad marriage.  Let’s take a step back and develop a plan so that you can face divorce without fear. You have to have a plan.  

Have you ever played the game “Would You Rather”?  If not, there are no rules.  One person gives you a would you rather question and you have to answer.  Here, let’s start with an easy one:

Would you rather eat a cricket or take a big whiff of a baby’s dirty diaper?

Ok, I think you get the idea, so let’s proceed.

Would You Rather?

Stay in an unhealthy marriage that can cause you physical and mental damage while you continue to ignore your wants and needs and deny yourself living the life you were meant to live due to being afraid to get a divorce.


Inform yourself and prepare to face divorce without fear and be on your way to forging your second chance path.

The pain you will feel from divorce is temporary, but the pain and damage you can feel from staying in an unhealthy marriage can last a lifetime.  

Prepared To Face Divorce Without Fear

In my Divorce Without Fear Program…well, actually you will hear me say it several times…in all of my programs, on all of social media, on my website, in a box with a fox, in a car driving far, on a plane or on a train…ok, I would never set in a box with a fox, I was just seeing if you were paying attention.  

I say…say it with me…I know you know it:

The more informed you are, the more prepared you will be.  The more prepared you are, the less fear you will feel. You can face divorce without fear.

Cheryl Cline How To Face Divorce Without Fear

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