Do you wonder how to move forward after something goes wrong? Ever felt like you have no choice but to stay where you are in life? Maybe it’s a bad marriage (like me), job, or other relationship. Are you going to choose to stay and nothing changes, stay and make changes, or leave the relationship? You have a choice.

The Decision To Move Forward Is Yours

For seven years, I was a secretary at public schools. Two of those were in a high school, and five were in a middle school, grades 7th and 8th. When a student was in the principal’s office for whatever shenanigans they had gotten themselves into, some would complain that “life is not fair. They have no choices. Everyone tells them what to do”. I always told them they have choices. There may be consequences for the choice they make, but they have a choice.

Now, you may not be able to do anything about the decisions you have made in the past, but how you move forward is now the choice. Do you keep hanging on to the negativity and let it weigh you down? Walk around full of shame from whatever decision you made, let regret eat you alive, or learn from the experience and grow from it? You get to decide. So, you do always have choices.

You Always Have A Choice

How many of you have heard someone complain non-stop about their husband or horrible job? Or maybe you have been the one complaining. They/you don’t quit the job or leave the marriage because you don’t have any other choice but to stay.

Yes, you do. If you keep thinking you have no choice over your situation, that’s exactly how it will remain. You will feel and stay powerless over your circumstance. Start figuring out steps you can take to move toward the life you want.

I chose to learn from that lousy choice, move forward in life, and be stronger than ever.

cheryl cline

While there are some things I don’t get to choose, such as the family I was born into, but it was my choice to love and respect my parents, or I could have been angry with the rules they had for me.

I chose to get married to my first husband. But, as I mentioned already, you can’t go back and change a bad decision, but I had the option to do something about a situation that turned out badly. It was time to move forward.

Choose To Start Again

I chose to leave and start living a better life. Using the exact steps I teach in “Divorce Decision”, which is part of my Second Chance Model, I chose to learn from that lousy choice, move forward in life, and be stronger than ever.

When you realize this is your life and made up of choices you make, that is when you will see a shift.

Rather than placing the blame and playing the victim, make a brave choice to take action to get what you want and prepare for the future.

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